Once saved always saved?

Q: Do you think you can be under a minister who believes “once saved always saved” (but you yourself do not believe this) and go to Heaven?

First, I have never ever had any doubts as to my own personal salvation. God saved me clearly. However, there are others who I understand do have doubts. I’m not sure why they doubt, but they do.

The Bible says faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). I would strongly recommend that anyone who has the least doubt concerning their own salvation, seriously sit down and read the Scriptures through. Particularly a book like John is excellent since it deals with eternal security. There are some other passages in the Scriptures which do appear to indicate that a person could lose their salvation, but these appear to be reserved for true rebels like possibly Charles Templeton, who once preached to crowds of thousands, only to later deny God in a book called “Farewell to God” (a very sad story). If it is true (and I’m not sure it is), then it would seem almost certain that this “rare” instance of those who could lose their salvation would be allocated to those who have once been firmly established in the faith and who have taken a radical stance against the Lord at some later date, denying the Lord who once saved them. John Bevere deals with this topic in his book Driven by Eternity.

I was personally raised (as a believer, since the age of 22.75) to believe that a person could not lose their salvation. When I read John Bevere’s book, I considered that it may, in fact, be possible for rebels to lose their salvation, but it would be reserved for rare cases. His Scripture references seem quite solid. He does not speak from the wind, but directly from the Scriptures. So it’s a fascinating and compelling read.

So, as you can see, some good preachers believe you cannot, and others believe you can, lose your salvation. To the one who is saved, however, there should be no fear. Because God is able to save them. And any of those verses which appear to indicate that a person could, in fact, lose their salvation, would not, I believe, apply to the person who feared they could lose their salvation, because they still fear God enough to be worried about it. I believe, if true, then the verses which seem to speak of a person losing their salvation would be reserved for those who have no fear, who have turned their backs on God, and have lost all sensitivity to the Holy Spirit so as not to even allow God to convict them in any way. They have become hardened. However, those who teach that a person cannot lose their salvation would say, “That person was never saved in the first place.” Theologians love to argue about these things. My personal opinion is that John Bevere is, in fact, right. Read the chapter in that book that deals with that (if you are able) and you can form your own opinion.

So, to answer the question, “Do you think you can be under a minister who believes “once saved always saved” (but you yourself do not believe this) and go to Heaven?” my answer is Yes. You can be under a minister who believes one way or the other, and still be saved (and you can believe one way or the other, as well – this will not disqualify you from being saved).


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