What about micro-evolution?

Q: I have heard there is a difference between macro and micro evolution. Explain this.

“Macro” evolution is the evolution that is being referred to when you hear about apes becoming humans. This has never happened, nor ever will happen, but is born of the imagination of man. There is no evidence to support it and every evidence against it (see previous post). Flat out, macro evolution does not exist. A bird never will, nor ever has, become a land animal. In the previous post, it was stated, “Humans are not evolving in the present, and nor have they ever evolved.” This is referring to macro evolution — which should not be confused with micro evolution.

Micro evolution is change within a kind. There is a huge difference between changes from one kind to another (which has never been observed and never will be observed) and changes within a kind. To change from one “kind” to another, one would need to add new information. But new, logically structured, life-giving information cannot be added by simply waiting millions of years (or billions, if you prefer). That goes against the second law of thermodynamics, which says that, given time, our universe tends towards a state of disorder — not order. Thus, rocks in space collide, stars burn out, and genetic information is lost, but no new genetic information is ever being added.

Micro evolution, or changes within a kind, does not lead to increased genetic information. Rather, it changes the way that already existing genetic information is organized. Thus, dominant and recessive genes are mixed differently, and, in some cases, genetic information is lost due to mutations. Slowly, changes occur — without adding new genetic information — which may affect color, height, thickness, and other factors, which causes the plant, animal or human to take on a new look, which is why we have so many different looking humans today, for example, all descended from our first two parents, Adam and Eve. In other words, at the time of creation, God put in Adam and Eve all of the necessary information to produce, through time, the people that exist today. No new information has been added, it has only been distributed differently. In some cases, information has been lost (for example, a lack of pigmentation leads to albino skin).

To sum up, micro-evolution (change within a kind) is possible, since it does not add any new information. This has been going on for thousands of years. Macro-evolution (commonly referred to as simply “evolution”), or change from one kind to another, has never been observed, and neither is it possible.

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