Are humans still evolving?

Q: Are humans still evolving? I have heard that in 100 years, humans will possibly grow wings and be able to fly.

The message you have heard is false. Humans are not evolving in the present, and nor have they ever evolved. The Bible says that humans were created on day 6 of creation — as humans. All the animals and different forms of life were created after their kind, so that cats cannot become dogs, and birds cannot become cats. These are all distinct kinds. There has never been any observed “crossing over” from one kind to another, it is all conjecture based on idle speculation, without scientific observation.

If you dig down deep into the earth, you will find exactly what you would expect to find, based on the account of creation presented for us in the Bible. What you find are millions of dead things (birds, reptiles, humans, etc.). There are no “cross over” kinds found – because none has ever crossed over (for example, from a fish to a land animal). Surely, you would expect at least one of these to be found, but among a billion, there is not one to be found. This entirely validates what the Scriptures say, that all things were created after their kind.

The answer to your question, then, is that humans are not evolving, nor have they ever. There is no evidence to support it, and all the evidence — buried — in the world supports just the opposite, that God’s account of creation, as found in the Holy Bible, is entirely true, and can be trusted.

For more information, presented from a scientific standpoint, you are encouraged to visit Answers in Genesis ( or Creation Ministries International ( — these have excellent magazines (“Answers” magazine and “Creation” magazine, respectively) that you will want to be sure to read (on-line) as well as order, if at all possible (they are magnificent and a true pleasure to read and can be given away as gifts as well). Have fun! You’ll be amazed at what you learn, and keep learning, about God’s wonderful creation.

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